“Distant Rain” 2012


My work as a Hong Kong Artist is dominated by the relationship between Land and the Artist.


I see artists as poets working with responses and reflections of the visible world and the relationship of ideas which emanate from this connection. Every artist conveys their experience with the paths they take and it is this exchange between the paths we take, and the signs we leave and the order in which we put these ideas into objects that I configure in my work. This is a sculptural manifestation by its nature.  The medium of drawing and painting, as well as photographic collages are my tools. My influences are the senses of order that I perceive within the To and Fro of subliminal and conscious arrangement and the meanings which are so apparent in this part of the social world.

On another level, is the way land reflects a curious juxtaposition between topography, necessity and style, which is the intervention of signs in our landscapes. So this creates an emotional tension between reading, being and making.
Initially this focus took me into areas of exploration which delved into the idea of my own dimensions in relation to the topography of the Place.  However, I went on to explore the complex interrelationship between the land and human experience to include the dimension of memory and thinking in drawing.

My drawings are a response to my drawing walks, reflecting my thought processes about the where, what and how.  This knowledge process leads me to work with paint as an expression of my initial questions and responses, my use of the brush both covers and reveals, emphasizing the tension between drawing and painting, the losing and finding in conjunction with memory.
Most of my works are shaped with the intention that the viewer can change the relationship between the canvases and their position in relation to each other on the wall.
In the last decade, my explorations of the relationship between Land and Artist have led me into three areas of Guangdong that reflect the essential element of that place; Stone: Ying Sai Fung Lum, Wood: Zhu Hai; Water: Cheung Chau.

In my research I have adopted the use of collage that expresses the relative nature of image in photographs.  These collages explore notions of the sense of order within the social setting and intervention in landscape.






在过去的十年中,我对土地与画家之间的关系的探索,引领我深入广东的三个有着基本特质的地方 - 石(清远的英西峰林);林木(珠海);水(香港的长洲岛)。



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