Transform // 1996

at Art in Asia Gallery, Hong Kong

The exhibition transform was exploring the relationship of negative and positive forms within landscape that the pieces transform the concept of edge or containment,  evoke the idea of empty and fullness within a referential image.

Mr Wongs house, 1995.69x73cm. oil wood canvas

“Mr. Wongs House”1995, 69 x 73 cm Oil. Canvas. Wood.


Mr Wongs house.1. 1995. 70x80cm oil wood canvas.

“Mr. Wongs House II” 1975, 70 x 80 cm. Oil, Canvas,Wood


Kans family house .1995.90x110cm wood canvas oilpaint.

  “Kans Family House” 1995. 90 x 110cm, oil, Canvas, Wood


Divide 1995 90x 40cm oil.wood canvas

“Divide” 1995, 90 x 40 cm. Oil, Canvas, Wood


Steps 1955. 46x35cm  wood canvas oil paint

“Steps” 1995, 46 x 35 cm, Oil, canvas, Wood


Towards the sun 1996 103x95cm Oil wood canvas

“Towards the sun” 1996 103 x 95 cm, Oil, Canvas, Wood


Diagla wan 1996. 100x90cm. oil canvas wood

“Diagla Wan” 1996, 100 x 90 cm, Oil, Canvas, Wood


Passage to Macau, 1996. 130x134cm oil canvas wood.

“Passage to Macau”, 1996 130 x 134 cm, Oil, Canvas, Wood


Caritas Hill. 1996. 60x80 oil canvas wood.

“Hill of Caritas” 1996, 60 x 80 cm, Oil, Canvas, Wood


Lights 1996. 120x100cm.oil canvas wood.

“Lights” 1996, 120 x 100 cm, Oil, Canvas, Wood


House of the burnt man.1996. 107x80  oil canvas wood.

“House of the burnt man” 1996, 107 x 80 cm, oil, canvas, wood



Trans form exhibition at the Art in Asia Cain rd. Hong Kong