Fragments from an Island // 1999

at Macau, 1999

Fragments from an Island reflected the idea of the sense of place with the landscape of a small island of Cheung Chau. Places contain fragments caught by the roving eye. This moves away from depiction and moves towards the relation of parts.


Forward and across 1998. 210x108cm wood canvas oil paint

“Forward and across”

Towards  1998 108x150cm wood canvas oil paint


Wan family House 1998 250x120cm wood canvas oil paint

“Wang family house”

water vally 3 1999. 80x90. wood canvas oil paint

“Water vallery secret 2″


water valley2 1999 100x110cm wood canvas oil paint

“Water valley secret 1″

bones of the headland 1999. 198x 155cm. wood canvas. oil paint

“Bones of the headland”

Landscape in flight 1999 120x125cm wood canvas oil paint.

“Landscape in flight”

Water valley 1. 1998.   76x83cm wood canvas oil paint

“Water valley” walk away

“walk away”

Exhibition fragmentsfrom an Island at EPOH