Complete List of Exhibitions

Solo Exhibitions

2002 “Wood for the Trees”, Artist Commune, Cattle Depot, Kowloon, HONG KONG

2001 “Landscape Roaming – A Stone Cutter from Cheung Chau Island”, City Festival, Fringe Club, HONG KONG

1999 “Fragments from an Island”, IPOR, MACAU

1998 “Ask No Question”, Artist Commune, HONG KONG

1997 “Spaces in between” Art Expo, Guangzhou, CHINA

1996 “Transform”, Artinasia, Bonham Road, HONG KONG

1982 Gallery Therese, HONG KONG

1980 British Council, HONG KONG

1974 Grabowski Gallery, London, U.K.

1967 Grabowski Gallery, London, U.K.

1966 Tana Gallery, London, U.K.

1965 Grabowski Gallery, London, U.K.

1964 Benet Gallery, Cambridge, U.K.


Group Exhibitions

3/2013 “Urban Hermit”, Rotunda at Exchange Square, HONG KONG

2/2013 “HKUVA Exhibition”, Neuberg Gallery, HONG KONG

1/2013 “Asian Int’l Art Exhibition”, Bangkok, THAILAND

9/2012 “Uiwang Int’l Art Festival 2012”, KOREA

2/2012 “Hanoi Int’l Art Fair”, VIETNAM

12/2011 “HKUVA Exhibition”, State of Arts Gallery, HONG KONG

9/2011 “Asian Int’l Art Exhibition”, Hangaram Art Centre, Seoul, KOREA

9/2010 “Asian Int’l Art Exhibition”, Mongolian National Modern Art Gallery, Ulaanbaatar, MONGOLIA.

5/2010 Traces and glimpses HKVA & Glass studio L1 Gallery jockey club creative arts centre. Shek Kip Mei. HONG KONG

11/2009 Asian International Art Exhibition in National Gallery in Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA

8/2009 Figurative and Abstract Exhibition of contemporary arts, Central Library, HONG KONG

11/2008 Asian International Art Exhibition in Bang Dung, INDONESIA

4/2008 Contemporary Art in the SAR “HK UNVELED”, Atting House, HONG KONG

5/2007 To celebrate the 10 years anniversary of HKSAR in 2007, Artist Commune, HONG KONG

6/2006 Asian International Art Exhibition in Singapore Museum of Art

11/2005 “Beyond”, 2nd Guangzhou Triennial, Guangdong Museum of Art, Feng Village, Guangzhou, CHINA

10/2005 The 20th Asian International Art Exhibition, Manila Art Museum, Manila, PHILLIPINES

8/2005 HK Union of Visual Artists, Museum and Art Gallery, University of HK, HONG KONG

10/2004 The 19th Asian International Art Exhibition, Fukuoka Art Museum, Fukuoka, JAPAN

8/2004 Asian Watercolours 2004, Jeju Island, KOREA

8/2004 International Environmental Installation Exhibition, Museum of Art in Soeul, KOREA

5/2004 Harbour Protection, Artist Commune, HONG KONG

8/2003 16th Exhibition of Asian Watercolours Confederation, TAIWAN

4/2003 International Water Colour Exhibition, Niigata, Tokyo, JAPAN

10/2002 “Art Bridge Canada & Hong Kong”, Exhibition Gallery, HK Central Library, HONG KONG

8/2002 17th Asian International Exhibition, Municipal Museum of the Korea, Daejeon, KOREA

6/2001 The 6th International Group Show in Seoul, GCC, KOREA

6/2001 “Ink Painting from Hong Kong”, Tokyo Harajuku, Omote-Sando, Nigata-kan, Tokyo, JAPAN

1/2001 Project “Landscape” in collaboration with William Tang (fashion designer) in

City Festival, Fringe Club, HONG KONG

12/2000 “New Vision”, Exchange Square, HONG KONG

11/2000 “Showcases of HK Art”, Exhibition Gallery, HK Visual Art Centre, HONG KONG

9/2000 The 15th Asian International of Art Exhibition of the Federation of Asian Artists, Tainan, TAIWAN

6/2000 The 5th International Group Show in Osaka, GCC, Osaka, JAPAN

4/2000 Opening Exhibition, Artist Commune, Cheung Sha Wan, Kowloon, HONG KONG

10/1999 “Ink Games and Improvizations”, Artist Commune, HONG KONG

9/1999 The 8th Annual Exhibition of the HK Modern Art Society, The HK Culture Centre, Exhibition Gallery, Kowloon, HONG KONG

8/1999 Art Realms and Music curated by HK Museum of Art, City Hall, HONG KONG

7/1999 The Interaction of Ink Painting and Installation, Artist Commune, HONG KONG

6/1999 The 14th Asian International Art Exhibition, Fukuoka Art Museum, Fukuoka, JAPAN

6/1999 “Hong Kong Visual Arts – Impressions of Diversity”, HK Culture Centre, HONG KONG

1/1999 “The Death in Hong Kong”, Artist Commune, HONG KONG

1998 Hong Kong Contemporary Oil Painting, HK Art Centre, HONG KONG

1997 Hong Kong Convention Centre, Wanchai, HONG KONG

1997 Contemporary Chinese Art, Liu Hai Sok Art Museum, Hong Kiu, Shanghai, CHINA

1997 Exhibition of Contemporary Art in China, HKTDC, HONG KONG

1997 “Great Wall of Hong Kong”, Tsimshatsui, Kowloon, HONG KONG

1997 Contemporary Asian Art, HK Art Centre, HONG KONG

1987 Out of Context Exhibition, Kennedy Road, HONG KONG

1985 Contemporary Hong Kong Biennial, City Hall, HONG KONG

1984 Contemporary Hong Kong Artist’s, Tsuen Wan Town Hall, Kowloon, HONG KONG

1983 Contemporary Hong Kong Biennial, City Hall, HONG KONG

1979 Contemporary Hong Kong Biennial, City Hall, HONG KONG

1978 Pearl City Exhibition of Contemporary Art, HONG KONG

1978 Save the Children Exhibition, City Hall, HONG KONG

1975 Mandear Gallery, London, U.K.

1975 Royal Academy, London, U.K.

1975 Niebelung Gallery, Dusseldorf, GERMANY

1975 Tanet Gallery, Munich, GERMANY

1973 Royal Academy, London, U.K.

1972 Royal Academy, London, U.K.

1967 Expo 67, Montreal, CANADA

1967 John Moores Exhibition, Liverpool, U.K.

1966 Bradford Exhibition of Contemporary Art, Bradford, U.K.

1965 Redfern Gallery, London, U.K.

1963 Bradford Exhibition of Contemporary Art, Bradford, U.K.

1963 Gallery Les Genre, Paris, FRANCE

1962 Gallery Du Monde, Basle, SWITZERLAND




Yorkshire Council, U.K.

Leicestershire Council, U.K.

Deutches Bank, GERMANY

Bank of America, HONG KONG

Banque Nationale de Paris, Guangzhou.CHINA

Museum Sztuki Lodzi, POLAND

Museum of Contemporary Art, Tehran, IRAN

Lee Garden Hotel, HONG KONG

Hong Kong Museum of Art, HONG KONG