Wood for Trees // 2002

at Artist Commune, Hong Kong, 2002

Wood for the Trees focused on the concept of Landscape and memory.
The source of images came from my drawing walks in Cheung Chau. Reflecting within the walks I reflected time past, forgetting and remembering, finding and discovering. All these images then went on to invent various scapes, made in the studioscape.


"Portal Scape"Oil Chinese paper .wood.204x172cm 2001

“Portal Scape”, 2001 204 x 172 cm, Chinese paper, canvas, oil, wood

Cross purpose scape Oil chinese paper ink wood canvas.130x150cm 2002

“Cross purpose scape” 2002  130 x 150cm. Chinese paper, oil, canvas, wood

'"Book scape "Canvas oil . ink  chinese paper wood.160x117cm 2001

“Bookscape” 2001, 160 x 117cm. Chinese paper, Canvas, oil, wood

"Frame up "Wood oil paint . ink .Chinese paper 83x98cm. 2001.

“Frame Up” 2001, 83 x 98cm Chinese paper, oil, wood



wood for the trees  ink drawing 2 paper ink poster paint.  2002

“Pagescape” 2001, 67 x 91 Paper, ink, wood

"Three pages scape 'Canvas wood oil ink chinese paper.91x97cm 2002

“Three Pages Scape” 2002, 91 x 97cm, Canvas, wood, oil, ink, Chinese paper


Walk scape  140 x 30cm each section. chinee paper collage acrylic ink.

“Walkscape 1-2” 2001. 150 x 30cm Chinese paper, Acrylic, ink, wood



woodsq__0008_Layer 1 woodsq__0007_Layer 2

woodsq__0006_Layer 3 woodsq__0005_Layer 4

woodsq__0004_Layer 5 woodsq__0003_Layer 6

woodsq__0002_Layer 7 woodsq__0001_Layer 8


wood for the trees 4.5.6.

Wood for the trees Wood for the trees 1.2.3.

“Wood for the Trees” ( 2, 3 & 4 ) 2001 – 2002 Ink, paper, wood