Stone Cutter from Cheung Chau // 2001

at Fringe Club, Hong Kong, 2001

The exhibition stone cutter from Cheung Chau is a biographical portrait of my father in law. The quarry’s in which he cut stone I have used the idea of Scissors, Paper, Stone, reflecting the hard and precarious life he led with his family of nine children. The stonewall portraits are from the walls that he was commissioned to build and my Interpretation on the personal nature I found in them. Within this exhibition I made a little museum of a few items he left behind. Reflecting the impermanence of things in contrast to brand Hong Kong.


Slide360001  Nam tam .scissors

“Quarry 1 (scissors)” 2000, 160 x 130cm, rope, scissors, Paper, oil, wood


quarry 2. Paper. 2000. 160x160cm. wood paper. rope.acrylic paint

“Quarry 2 (Paper)” 2000. 150 x 180 cm rope, paper, oil, wood

Quarry 3. Stone. 2000. 120x140cm. wood canvas rope plaster.acrylic paint

“Quarry 3 (Stone)” 2000. 170 x 150 cm  Rope, plaster, Canvas, wood

Photograph sarrounded by stone walled portraits . overall dimension 130x130cm

Photograph 2000, Cheung family  with  8 stone wall portraits


Photograph.2000. 58x60cm wood rope plaster. acrylic paint

“Cheung Family”, 2000. 59 x 54cm Rope, plaster, oil, wood

- 8 Stone wall portraits. 2000, 24 x 22cm Wood, paper,  Acrylic, ink -

A Ah Keurng

“Ah Keung”

 Stoned walled portrait. Ah Ping. 2000. 23x22.wood paper.plastic dinosaur.

“Ah Ping”


A  Ah Tai

“Ah Tai”

A Sau Kan

 “Sau Kan”

A Sau Suet

“Sau Suet”

Slide360001  Ching Duk

“Ching Duk”


Slide360001  This is not Cheung Choy yau's garden

“This is not Cheung Choy Yau’s garden”, 2001 20 x 9 cm Paper, Ink, wood,  Plastic animals.


A A little museum for Cheung Choi Yau

“Little museum for Mr Cheung Choi Yau”, 2001, 40 x 50cm. Metal box, Teeth, Spectacle’s, undergarments, Government bills, Light bulbs

The Process box.2001.photographs.drawings.stones.Acrylic paint14x15cm.

“Robert’s process box” 2001, 40 x 50cm  Photos, drawings, rocks



Exhibition veiw with a Fashion performance by William Tang.

William Tang’s fashion performance at the Fringe during the exhibition.